Our university became a member of IAESTE


IAESTE is a non-profit, independent and impartial student exchange organization established at Imperial College in London in 1948 with the initiatives of 10 countries. It continues its activities in approximately 80 countries and provides the exchange of over 4000 intern students every year (For detailed information,

Engineering, Science and Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculties students must obtain 70 points out of 100 from the English exam to be held by our University in order to be a candidate student within the scope of the program. In order to plan for the exam in question, students who are interested in the program should apply to until 07.02.2022. (In addition to the foreign language exam, the grades of the students who have taken one of the exams whose equivalence is accepted by YÖK in the last 2 years can also be included in the ranking with a threshold of 70 out of 100. The websites of YÖK and ÖSYM can be checked for the current version of the relevant equivalence tables).